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John Schlicht Gomez

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1.     Experience:  Since music is one of the most important parts of your wedding reception, an experienced entertainer can make it a truly memorable occasion.

2.     Current references:  I always offer current & old references without being asked.  This way, you can speak with clients who have recently hired my services and get their unbiased opinion on my performance.  If a company does not offer current references, be cautious of their professionalism.

3.     Backup equipment:  Carrying back-up equipment will insure that The Show Will Go On should a problem occur.  Lack of a spare amp, mixer, CD player, etc. could mean the end of your special occasion.

4.     Beware of middlemen:  Talent or booking agencies often use less experienced (cheaper) talent to maximize their profits.  By dealing directly with a professional mobile disc jockey service, you know who you are booking and what to expect.

5.     Music resources:  A professional mobile DJ company will always carry a wide variety of music covering all styles of danceable music, from the Big Band Swing Era through the latest dance hits of today.  This enables them to cover almost any request they receive from you and your guests.


Professionalism, experience, and cooperation are all qualities to look for when choosing your entertainer.  Your special event is successful as the result of many things coming together in the right way at the right time.  As the owner of  SIR DANCEALOT PRODUCTIONS, I realize that many of you are doing this for the first time.  I hope this outline will help you select the best possible entertainer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Thank you.



John Schlicht Gomez

Owner of Sir Dancealot Productions